Sea Freight Services

Realiable Sea Transport Services

Over 95% of the world’s trade travels via ocean freight – moving across seas and between ports. With Jum Shipping, our team of  experts get your cargo on the vessel that best suits your needs. We handle your logistics, so you can focus on what you do best.

Jum Shipping is an innovation supercharged as one of the world’s largest and most reliable logistics companies. As the world’s largest container shipping company, So, you don’t have to worry – we got your back!

Two Way Commitment

You want to strengthen your supply chain and get a service which puts priority on your cargo? We help you doing that with our two-way commitment. This means you can choose from competitive, up-to-date rates available instantly and we’ll ensure that, we only sell what we can load. You book with us and you’ll get the same priority as the world’s biggest brands at no extra cost across 300+ locations in over 150 countries.

And once and for all, you do not have to experience any rollover anymore. This also means stable rates for your cargo transport – it’s so simple.